Sunday, October 7, 2012

castles to the ceiling

we had such a good time with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law in virginia beach last week, even though my high hopes for fall weather were rained on every day but sunday.  (no complaints- i could at least wear pants without keeling over from heat stroke; something i still cannot do in south florida.  in october.)  but sunday was a choir of angels singing, red carpet rolled out kind of day, perfect for us to head to the boardwalk.  blue skies and crowds of tourists were a-go for the, get ready, north american sandsculpting championships.  totally part of why i booked a flight up this particular weekend, if i'm being honest.  my parents have gone for years, and always come back with tales of incredible award-winning sandcastles that sculptors (sand artists?) have traveled from all over the world to create.  i probably couldn't have cared less about sandcastles when those photo-filled emails from dad rolled in before, but now that i'm all BEACH LIFE FOREVER, i was way into it this year.  typically they're built on the open beach, rain or shine, and they're heartbreakingly bulldozed after a week on display.  this year they were built under a giant covered structure, which made photos/lighting a little tougher, but you get the idea.  amazing!  we wound up walking all three miles of the boardwalk that day; so much rad stuff going on.  i love our little beach here in delray, but there's something about a proper boardwalk that's so fun and charming.  beach life, ya'll.

1 comment:

  1. The sand sculptures look incredible.
    I can't wait to be by the beach.
    Looks you had an amazing time.


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