Wednesday, October 24, 2012

district of delray

i don't want to get political on this here cat/dress/cake blog or nothin' BUT!  the last few days have been awfully presidential in this once unknown beach town of mine.  perhaps you watched a little debate between two well-dressed gentlemen on television monday night?  they were comin' atcha live from a private university in my neck of the woods-- and road closures aside, obama and romney have been all up in my face lately.  

friday at 4pm it was announced that president obama would have a rally tuesday morning here in delray beach (for those confused: you can stand on several points around town and have one foot in delray, and one in boca raton), and that tickets would be available in ONE HOUR.  4pm friday happens to be quittin' time, so i hustled over to the a ticket distribution spot and stood in the hot hottttt sun for a ticket to hear da rock barack speak.  norfolk '08 all over again!  they gave away over 11,000 tickets and mine was number 156.  (point of pride, no?!)

sunday i had an insatiable hankering for some burger-fi fries, and in addition to spilling ketchup all over my precious white everlane tee, i saw that mr. romney was staying at the marriott literally six paces across the street.  right on my beach!  there were secret service agents inside the restaurant and that makes a gal hyper-aware of everything going on; dude, i really didn't want them to get suspicious of the ketchup all over me.  we scooted out of there a mere 20 minutes before mitt's reported dalliance with my beloved burger-fi veggie burger.  who knew?! 

i skipped the rally yesterday (the job i landed under this president's administration and all), but mark went, and i've got my golden ticket to hold onto forever more.

voting is so important and i respect everyone who supports the candidate they believe in, big time.  oh!  and apparently backstreet boys were filming a documentary in downtown delray monday too?  i don't even know.

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