Thursday, October 18, 2012


i'm not a fan of those members only websites where they send you a monthly pair of crappy shoes or a little 'surprise' box of this&that, so the odds that i'd register to scope out a $15 plain white t-shirt?  let's just say it's remarkable that it happened.  but the all knowing cup of jo sung everlane's praises a month or two ago, and i went through with the 0.5-second facebook linking process to grab a couple shirts.  because for as crazy as i like my prints and patterns to be, nothing beats a great solid top.  you guys.  the bloggers were right about these tees.  marky mark (don't ever call him that) lives in FINE TEES (like, the nice kinds), so i knew this idea of high-end threads at super reasonable prices would be right up his alley too.  the guys' stuff is fly.  since my box-cut tops have arrived, everlane's unveiled perfect scarves, and a french terry sweatshirt that is definitely my next purchase.  i vote yes on everlane!  you're welcome.

1 comment:

  1. i'm heading over! ok, you and i think alike. i will always love prints (especially stripes and polka dots) but i always love a good solid tshirt.


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