Monday, October 8, 2012

fall bites

yesterday morning mark declared that he is DONE WITH PUMPKIN.  poor guy.  he's ready to move onto apple cider flavored snacks, which frankly, i could take or leave.  we knew exactly where to go for a happy medium breakfast: the local farmers market pumpkin patch, which boasts a weekend apple cider doughnut vendor.  friends, keep your chilly, autumnal hued, scarf swaddled, crisp fallen leafy photos coming, because it is so HOT here right now, and i'm living very very vicariously through you.  in return i promise beach photos in february.  happy monday!


  1. It's hot where I am too. Sweltering actually. It's 88 degrees (fahrenheit) today... Florida weather sucks.
    xo Heather

  2. As a Texan, I feel your cold weather pain. But good for you for scoring those donuts in FL; I haven't had them since I left NYC. You've inspired me to look a little harder.


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