Wednesday, October 31, 2012


happy halloween!  it feels like i've been celebrating this holiday for a good six weeks already!  now that it's here, i'm not sure what i'll actually do!  last halloween mark and i were vacationing in new york city; you might remember the october snowstorm that surprised the city that weekend?  that made for some good memories.  this year we're lucky to be in the midst of eerily beautiful (cold!) south florida october weather, but my pumpkin-loving heart goes out to friends, family, and everyone else up north affected by frankenstorm.  if you're not trick-or-treatin' tonight, i hope you're snuggled up safe and warm with your loved ones.  as a hurricane veteran, i suggest the old flashlight-in-the-face ghost story routine!!  sending good vibes for speedy emergency response, restored power, and dry streets this halloween.

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