Tuesday, October 23, 2012


as soon as we heard the sunday edition thud onto our doorstep, we grabbed saturday's pumpkin and dumped that newspaper all over the living room floor.  tile-- we live at the beach!  i've never been even a little decent at drawing (truly the reason i didn't study fashion design in college- waah wah), so i left jack's face to the designer in our home.  luckily we were in agreement that our mondo pumpkin needed a goofy, classic jack-o-lantern grin.  i contributed my specialty- barehanded pumpkin gut extraction- and voila!  we carved ourselves a third roommate.  only one weekend left... maybe i'll get around to slapping some acrylic paint on another pumpkin after all?

ps- one more week to get 15% off all vintage in my shop with code HALLOWEEN.  it's almost here!

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