Friday, October 12, 2012


not to sound like a broken record or anything... but do you see how green the foliage is in these photos?  and that we're wearing shorts in october?  okay, moving on!  

another of my absolute favorite hidden treasures in delray beach is the phenomenal morikami japanese gardens.  if it weren't across from the best bagel joint in town (high praise- there are many), i might never even know it was here.  we've been a few times, both before and after i moved down, and it never fails to make me nostalgic for my time in tokyo in 2010.  the trail around the lake spans well over a mile, and there are little nooks and bridges and rock gardens along the way.  and beautiful koi who love to be fed!  while visiting tuesday morning we decided a couple of morikami memberships are in order, because i'm a lady who loves her walks, and the beach will be filling up will snowbirds soon.  plus, i wanna be a card-carrying member to as many tourist attractions as possible, ha!  the morikami's also got a lovely little art gallery, a sushi cafe right on the water, and some wildly popular festivals throughout the year.  high on my list of places to bring visiting friends.  come come come!

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  1. I sure enjoy Florida & your photos are really making me want to return for the winter. You are so lucky to live in a tropical location!


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