Monday, October 29, 2012

park hoppers

well, we did it. we bit the bullet and bought annual passes saturday. this puts us on really dangerous ground, being kidless early 30-somethings and all. i've worked with a couple unmarried cat ladies who love disney, and... i don't want to be that girl. but when i weighed our proximity to disney world and the frequency with which faraway friends take trips to florida for mickey, it only made good financial sense!! i won't wear a pin-laden lanyard or anything, swear. but we'll totally drive north for a weekend if you want to come eat around the world and then take a whirl on space mountain. especially in the next several months, when the holiday decor is poppin' off and the weather is gorgeous. we've got the shortest ride lines down to a science, and i promise to take your family photos for $69 less than those guys in the vests.


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