Wednesday, October 10, 2012

the mustard months

i've had a ton of time off work recently, either for jewish holidays or the ever elusive sick day, and in the rare instance we weren't out and about looking for a good adventure, you can bet i was in a deep pinterest coma.  how did i ever find out about anything adorable on the internet before pinterest?!  i'm already in holiday pinning mode (as in, christmas holiday- eep!), but i've also found myself drawn to some really great fall ideas, too.  i'm especially digging decor ideas that aren't so halloween-y they can't stay around through november.  you know i'm no crafter, but mark left yesterday for a week, and i suspect i might wind up at the art store more than a few times while he's gone.  we obviously need felt garland across our chalkboard wall, right?!  and a crazy elaborate centerpiece... or four.  what awesome halloween/thanksgiving/fall ideas have you pinned lately?


  1. This is beautiful!! And I definitely go the "fall" decorate route, with things that stay up for October and November. I have pumpkin candle holders with a jack-o-latern face on the front and regular pumpkin look on the back, and I flip them around from Halloween to Thanksgiving. :)

  2. i love all of these ideas! ah, fall is my favorite part of the year. lovely post.

    lindsey louise


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