Wednesday, October 17, 2012

while you were out

boyfriend gets home from his week incommunicado abroad today!  i'm happy!  the joined-at-the-hip couples of the world tend to illicit eyerolls from me, but i definitely like living with that handsome best bud of mine... living alone is for the birds!  we did the long-distance thing for a very long time, so not seeing one another is an old hat by now, but not phoning or texting?  a whole new ballgame.

so dear mark!  here is how the last week's looked around these parts:
-strange sleep patterns.  like, falling asleep before 10pm most nights (typical), only to wake up at 2am and very possibly never going back to sleep.  or falling asleep before 7:30pm the night of the vice presidential debates, which i hear, were epic.
-heavy insomniac activity, including but not limited to, completely overhauling my half (okay, 3/4) of the closet at 3am, ordering those $300 boots i haven't shut up about in weeks (because of), lots and lots of late night etsy selling.  and bunheads.  again with the bunheads!
-thrifting!  my favorite alone-time hobby, which led me to three different shops in three cities in three days, at all of which i scored big.  don't worry, there's still room in the closet for you--- see bullet point #1.
-work.  important meetings, big events, all the boring careerwoman stuff i rarely bring home with me. :)  lots of long workdays, which, if we're not hanging out anyway, i truly love.
-the making strides against breast cancer walk i'd been raising money for!  it was saturday and it was badass!  when you're up at 5am on a weekend (sleep patterns) to join 12,000 others in support of such an important cause, a post-event beer at 11:45am with girlfriends is totally acceptable.  i mean, we never would've gotten out of that parking garage if we didn't spend a couple extra hours lunching!
-dinner with your mom.  she's amazing and i love her so much!
-absolutely zero crafting.  i stenciled some legit chalkboard letters on our kitchen wall because i'm so stoked you're back, but there was no martha here in your absence.  i've been keepin' it real.

i missed you, i'm glad you're home, and now i'll resume my regularly scheduled programming of begging to go to disney world while the halloween decorations are still out!  (this weekend?)

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