Tuesday, November 27, 2012

jailhouse rock

do you find that holiday decorating has you scrutinizing every corner of your home, or is it just me?  a condo illuminated by white lights has its pros and cons... pro: i'm more compelled to keep everything perfectly tidy, so that thoughtfully placed ceramic reindeer doesn't get lost in clutter.  con: i want new year-round stuff, too.  deciding where to hang a wreath has me staring at walls and wondering whether we shouldn't hang a new shelf too.  though i'm sticking pretty solidly to my ban on clothing purchases through january, i'm not doing so hot staying away from home stuff.  specifically, black & white home stuff.  (our rug, obvi.)  it seems to be all over the place right now, and i can't get enough!  i've been corralling inspiration on pinterest in an attempt not to go crazy; after all, one wrong move and you're living in a jailhouse.  i got an amazing black friday deal on a zebra print pillow i've been eyeing for months- my pièce de résistance- but JUST SAID NO to a b&w striped throw at ikea last weekend (a decision i've lamented for days).  now i can focus my concentrations back on holiday decorating, and pinning tiny santa hats on each of those pillow zebras.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

instant potatoes

i wasn't sure my instagram stream would recover once pumpkin season was over, but this weekend was the best.  the instas have been so very merry and bright!  everyone in the world seemed to trim their tree friday, and in the blink of an eye my own snaps transitioned from thanksgiving leftovers to christmas cookies.  i'm living vicariously through snowbooted #fromwhereistands, and i can't wait to blow northerners' minds with the majestic palm trees draped in white lights all over my little city.  follow along @stylebook and let's get jolly, ya'll!

Friday, November 23, 2012

life of pie

thanksgiving is such a funny thing.  everyone celebrates it in generally the same way, but when you get into the nitty gritty of a family's traditional meal and schedule, it seems like everyone's varies ever so slightly.  i'm speaking from experience here; i have not spent thanksgiving in virginia with my parents since 1998!  when i moved to florida for college, i wound up at friends' and boyfriends' houses for dinner each year, or taking long-weekend trips to new york city to spend time with my best friend.  some people eat at 1pm, some at 7pm.  some people insist mac & cheese is a thanksgiving dinner staple (what?), and some families put their christmas tree up right after dinner.  i grew up eating pumpkin pie in the living room while dads and grandpas watched football.  every year i learn something new, and it's been fun taking bits and pieces to shape my own traditions.  yesterday mark and i were guests at his sister's, and we had the whole day to ourselves until stuffing time.  we lazily watched the parade on tv (the one tradition that has never waivered in my 31 years!), went out for coffee, and caught a matinee of what was easily the most beautiful movie i've seen since amélie (life of pi- GET THEE TO A THEATER, STAT).  we met up with one of mark's childhood friends after dinner and wound up at a casino(?!) where i won $14.40 on a cat-themed slot machine called kitty glitter.  i just never know what the third thursday in november holds for me until i live it!  i do know that i'm always, always thankful.  especially for the momofuku crack pie mark's made two years runnin'.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

fall dolls

some fabulous fall pieces in the vintage shop today!
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now through the end of the year!

Monday, November 19, 2012

down time

this past weekend was the first in, i can't even remember how long, that we had no plans. saturday we found ourselves wandering to ikea for a stroll through the fake apartments, and leaving with a new pillow and some bizarre swedish bottled beverages.  later we bought a new vacuum, made a pot of chili, and watched a movie on the couch with each other and a couple glasses of wine.  sunday we grabbed bagels, caught another movie in the theater (cough-cough, twilight), and walked along our beach.  listed things on ebay, reorganized the freezer, painted my toes, just did WHATEVER.  sometimes it's so refreshing to have these sorts of days off.  as the sun set sunday night i clicked around on pinterest (hence the prettyness above) and those weekend's-over blues set in, until i remembered: thanksgiving!  four more days of whatever, and probably a ton of time surfin' the net with bad made-for-tv christmas movies on in the background.  funny little things to look forward to; happy short workweek to you!

Friday, November 16, 2012


a seemingly rough week always looks better in hindsight.
happy weekend to you!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

supermarket sarah

some rad inspiration for your wednesday--- supermarket sarah!  once upon a time stylist sarah bagner artfully displayed her vintage wares on a london flea market wall.  she next migrated to shooting her walls for online retail (each piece is a link!), and has since collaborated with some of my favorite designers to create pretty phenomenal installations.  i was excited to stumble upon a gallery of sarah's walls online recently, and even more excited to learn she has a new book out.  wishlisted!

Monday, November 12, 2012


so saturday afternoon i threw my back out.  how it happened, a story for another time.  (it was laughably innocent, so don't go getting excited.)  the way i see it, at 31 i experienced my first-ever back malady in the cushiest of circumstances.  having fun inside a lux hotel, as a guest of a conference attendee, with subsequent freedom to lay in bed and watch garbage on TBS for hours.  hello room service.  i often ask my mom deep questions like, how do i know if i've had heartburn? and she says, oh you KNOW.  i now know the same can be said for throwing one's back out.  the glories of old age!  in truth, it was an eye-opener for all i take for granted.  picking things up off the floor and pulling my pajamas on myself, for example.  the whole weekend wasn't a pity party; i threw in the towel saturday night and woke up sunday morning feeling well enough to (foolishly) brave a roller coaster down the street.  one of these days i'll learn not to have so much fun.  and now, a few photos i snapped while not in bed; most of my weekend was positively lovely!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

rad plaid

what a crazy couple of weeks we've had, USA!  the wildest* moment being last saturday morning, when i walked into j. crew wearing a thrifted 70s flannel and saw my reflection in the menswear section.  i've often written about vintage clothing and cyclical fashion, but this one honestly blew my mind!! 

tomorrow i'm headed back to orlando for my second work-related conference of the week, and fingers crossed i'll return bearing weekend touristy tales for you guys.  in the meantime, i want to share some of the blogs (and ladies behind the blogs, really) i'm loving lately.  grab a cuppa, snuggle up in your ugly plaid button-up, and read away this weekend!  cheers!

(*not really the wildest moment... you sensed my sarcasm in there, right?)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

i voted!

friday after work we ran over to our public library to get in THE LINE.  i knew the line to early vote here in florida would be a two hour wait, but i didn't anticipate actually seeing the sun set while there.  (a grand total of two hours and forty-five minutes, but who's counting?)  though my excitement waned at about the 1.5 hour mark, i was really inspired by my comrades in election deciding.  no one was complaining, everyone seemed energized and happy to do their civic duty, and kind strangers pulled up with pallets of bottled water to hand out.  the people we were surrounded by made it a really positive experience; it helps that we live in a microcosm of neighbors who were there to vote for my team, i'm sure!  :)  sore feet and hungry belly aside, slapping that sticker on my chest was a proud moment, and i know those of you who weren't able to vote early will do so today and wear your sticker just as proudly.  happy voting day, america!

ps- got an email from my dad last night saying my 100-year-old grand grandmother voted!  love that so much.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

seeing red

i'm taking a nod from starbucks, who handed me my skinny vanilla latte in a red cup the morning after halloween, and adding a few seasonal pieces to my vintage shop this weekend!  the good news is, unlike the mall, when you shop my store you won't hear christmas music playing... already.  ;)
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