Monday, November 12, 2012


so saturday afternoon i threw my back out.  how it happened, a story for another time.  (it was laughably innocent, so don't go getting excited.)  the way i see it, at 31 i experienced my first-ever back malady in the cushiest of circumstances.  having fun inside a lux hotel, as a guest of a conference attendee, with subsequent freedom to lay in bed and watch garbage on TBS for hours.  hello room service.  i often ask my mom deep questions like, how do i know if i've had heartburn? and she says, oh you KNOW.  i now know the same can be said for throwing one's back out.  the glories of old age!  in truth, it was an eye-opener for all i take for granted.  picking things up off the floor and pulling my pajamas on myself, for example.  the whole weekend wasn't a pity party; i threw in the towel saturday night and woke up sunday morning feeling well enough to (foolishly) brave a roller coaster down the street.  one of these days i'll learn not to have so much fun.  and now, a few photos i snapped while not in bed; most of my weekend was positively lovely!

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  1. um . . . LOVE THOSE SHOES!!! hope your back feels better soon! sending my love.



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