Monday, November 19, 2012

down time

this past weekend was the first in, i can't even remember how long, that we had no plans. saturday we found ourselves wandering to ikea for a stroll through the fake apartments, and leaving with a new pillow and some bizarre swedish bottled beverages.  later we bought a new vacuum, made a pot of chili, and watched a movie on the couch with each other and a couple glasses of wine.  sunday we grabbed bagels, caught another movie in the theater (cough-cough, twilight), and walked along our beach.  listed things on ebay, reorganized the freezer, painted my toes, just did WHATEVER.  sometimes it's so refreshing to have these sorts of days off.  as the sun set sunday night i clicked around on pinterest (hence the prettyness above) and those weekend's-over blues set in, until i remembered: thanksgiving!  four more days of whatever, and probably a ton of time surfin' the net with bad made-for-tv christmas movies on in the background.  funny little things to look forward to; happy short workweek to you!


  1. What did you think of Twilight?? So sad it has come to an end!


  2. Oh yes, I am anxiously awaiting the bad Christmas movies galore this weekend!

  3. nice...



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