Tuesday, November 27, 2012

jailhouse rock

do you find that holiday decorating has you scrutinizing every corner of your home, or is it just me?  a condo illuminated by white lights has its pros and cons... pro: i'm more compelled to keep everything perfectly tidy, so that thoughtfully placed ceramic reindeer doesn't get lost in clutter.  con: i want new year-round stuff, too.  deciding where to hang a wreath has me staring at walls and wondering whether we shouldn't hang a new shelf too.  though i'm sticking pretty solidly to my ban on clothing purchases through january, i'm not doing so hot staying away from home stuff.  specifically, black & white home stuff.  (our rug, obvi.)  it seems to be all over the place right now, and i can't get enough!  i've been corralling inspiration on pinterest in an attempt not to go crazy; after all, one wrong move and you're living in a jailhouse.  i got an amazing black friday deal on a zebra print pillow i've been eyeing for months- my pièce de résistance- but JUST SAID NO to a b&w striped throw at ikea last weekend (a decision i've lamented for days).  now i can focus my concentrations back on holiday decorating, and pinning tiny santa hats on each of those pillow zebras.


  1. I Truly love that polka dotted wall!

  2. I know what you're saying only all too well :)


  3. homestuff ruins me every. single. time. i feel like since it's not clothes, and its for the house, and everyyyone will enjoy it, its somehow more okay to spend $18 on a candle.


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