Thursday, November 1, 2012


i come from traveling stock. my obsession with adventures and exploring undoubtedly comes from my father, a retired navy captain, who was a sailor for over 30 years. the navy afforded him the opportunity to circle the globe, and there's little question where he inherited his wanderlust. his parents, my dear grandparents, were wise-investing teachers who retired young and took incredible trips abroad every year that i can remember. they brought back treasures and stories from many continents, and when i close my eyes and think of my late grampa jay, the iconic image of him with a camera around his neck never fails to appear.

the last trip my grandparents took before they died was to machu picchu, the only wonder of the world they hadn't yet seen. this trip had friends and family uneasy, as my grandfather was in remission from cancer, and the weather and hiking involved were not for the faint of heart. but they did it and they loved it; forever my rockstars.

fast forward seven years, when i happen to reconnect with an old acquaintance from college. as we catch up he tells me of his newfound obsession with traveling abroad, and shows me a picture from his most recent trip--- to machu picchu. my heart immediately fluttered, and it didn't take long to know i'd found my very own adventure partner.

mark's just started to share tales and photos from his travels on his new blog, traveler/tourist. it's so good.


  1. what a lovely post!!
    are you planning on coming to europe any time? ;)

  2. Beautiful place :)

  3. oh my gosh. LOVE that you shared this. i already have a marissa crush, now a new mark crush too ;)

  4. Machu Picchu? My word, that place looks incredibly gorgeous. I've never traveled much, and I admit that as probably my only regret: now, with a little one, it's hard. I'm adding Machu Picchu to my bucket list. =)

  5. loved reading about your rockstar grandparents. mine are like that too. :)

  6. Such a beautiful story.. xxoo


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