Friday, December 7, 2012

12 dates of christmas: the 100ft tree

if i'm being honest, when i proclaimed that 12 dates was going to be a thing, i had this date in particular in mind.  last fall i left delray beach the day they began erecting the city's 100-foot christmas tree.  i was bummed.  mark told me all about the "winter" wonderland the town square transforms into each year: an ice skating rink, a carousel, santa's workshop, and a big daddy tree that you can walk inside of to see animatronic carolers and toy trains whizzing 'round.  all just steps from the ocean!  surely your heart is breaking right now at the news that this exists and you can't go!  (but you can- come on down!)  we opted to pop over the night after the big tree lighting (its 20th anniversary!), just before sunset, so we could have our run of the place for our fourth date of christmas.  as adorable as i'd imagined, and made even prettier by the lights adorning every streetside restaurant along downtown's main drag.  before going to dinner, we hoofed it up to the top of the parking garage for an aerial view of the tree.  pretty incredible, no?  i fall in love with this city over and over!! i'm so happy mark and i call delray beach home.


  1. how cool! it really looks wonderful!

  2. i love that last picture! especially the moon behind those clouds!


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