Friday, December 21, 2012

12 dates of christmas: bowling in boca

mark and i have never gone bowling together! in fact, neither of us remembers bowling at all in the last five years!   so naturally, for our eleventh date of christmas we hit the bowling alley.  we met there, right after work, since its close to my office.  i really love meeting mark out for dates!  it feels a little more romantic somehow, to spot him across the room and kiss hello.  the alley was all spruced up for the holidays, and there was even a christmas party happening a few lanes over.  we had the best time!!   my bowling abilities proved strong as ever; i bowled a strike early on, then started tossing my 8-pounder directly into the gutters.  we kept it real and ordered a pitcher of beer and high fived each other after any killer strike.  i suspected that mark would be a great bowler and i was right!  pretty sure he declared that he was joining a league 30 minutes into our date. 

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