Wednesday, December 5, 2012

12 dates of christmas: jaxson's

sweet, sweet jaxson's- what a treasure you are.  for our third date of christmas, mark and i took an impromptu drive a couple towns over to dania beach to satiate my biannual banana split craving.  jaxson's is one of those legends that every foodie television show highlights, and every south florida high schooler flocks to on a saturday night.  we were in good company.  a banana split as grand as the one we shared is a special occasion deal in my book; i really felt like i was getting away with something since it replaced dinner that evening!  date night felt even sweeter when we were serendipitously seated at the same table as last time; back before i moved here and mark was taking me around to the best spots when i visited.  the time my then 29-year-old main squeeze tried strawberry ice cream for the first time in his life!  yes jaxson's, you're always magical.  especially around the holidays.


  1. I want that so bad now. Grrr!! I blame you! :) XOXO

  2. ok, well that banana split looks heavenly!!

    And I love your 12 days of Christmas series.


  3. I love this idea!


  4. oh my huge sundae. and the '12 dates' is a great idea, i love it!


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