Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12 dates of christmas: magic kingdom

on our tenth date of christmas we found ourselves awake bright and early, waiting outside magic kingdom's gates just before their 8am opening.  (that's sort of bananas for us, but our cheap orlando hotel room gnarled us out so bad that we wanted outta there quick.  i should disclaim that i booked it.)  here's what we learned--- listen up and listen up good.  get to magic kingdom 20 minutes before they open.  you'll get a primo parking spot and an actual seat on the monorail, and there's a little song, dance, and firework number counting down to the big moment.  who knew?!  it gets better.  get there early and you will have your run of that park.  mark and i scooted back to the brand new fantasyland and got right onto the new (like, opened last week new) ride without a wait.  then we hit a bunch of other stuff that's always overrun with lines.  the teacups!  peter pan!  mountains of the space and splash varieties!  pirates!  winnie the pooh?  what the hell, we've never been able to get near it before!  we did ALL of this, then shared a dolewhip for breakfast, all before 10am.  it was seriously SO. MUCH. FUN.  fitting a disney weekend into our busy december was a challenge, but i really wanted to see magic kingdom dressed up for christmas this year.  so glad we did it, she did not disappoint.

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  1. You are so cute with that dole whip, SO glad you tried it! I have been keeping up with your dates of christmas religiously, but it's hard to comment from my phone. So here I am, on an actual computer, to say hiiiii! Which you will probably be receiving my california greetings all the way in France right now! xo!


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