Saturday, December 15, 2012

12 dates of christmas: picnicking

i'm a picnicker.  i love to be outdoors on a beautiful day, and i really love to eat, so my affinity for picnics is a no-brainer.  if you've read here long enough, you know i've sung picnics' praises many a time!  for our eighth date of christmas, mark and i went on our first ever picnic together.  i hauled the picnic basket out of the closet (the one M eyed wearily when i moved in eight months ago), and loaded it with snacks and silly patterns.  we chose a great spot canopied by trees, right next to the intercoastal, and settled in for the afternoon.  can you believe we were barefoot in the park in december?!  this south florida no-season thing has its perks.  i smiled to myself watching mark sip his root beer and read his paper; i think he was born to picnic too.

1 comment:

  1. Can I join? This looks like so much fun, I really appreciate your green Lacoste polo, I have the same one, I think I will wear it today with my kitty skirt but with super warm tights,cardigan and warm Winter coat, it is freezing up here in Montreal.Your so lucky to have such amazing weather :)


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