Thursday, January 31, 2013

on to the next one

catch ya on the flip, january.  it's been real.

Monday, January 28, 2013

geek squad

a couple quick internerdy updates!

*in honor of my favorite holiday (i just have a weird obsession with hearts, which really... are just a shape?), i've got a 14% off everything promo running in my vintage shop.  use code VALENTINE at checkout.

*i'm finally all in and participating in a brand new social media app!  twitter.  follow @ssstylebook for vintage updates and twice-daily sarcasm.  (i'm really trying, jimmy fallon.)

*super most importantly, are you guys still reading mark's travel blog?  he's been posting about our time in paris and barcelona in a very different way than i did.  same experiences, different perspective!  go give it a looksee.

*catfish is so damn good.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

pissed pistons

monday i just felt down.  after confessing my blues to mark that morning, i realized it was in fact blue monday, ha! *cue marissa's favorite band*  i have massive projects going on at work that have kept me crazy busy- which i love- but the moment i walked in our front door each evening this week, i shut down.  the clean laundry stayed unfolded in its basket, etsy orders were not packaged with the usual swift hand, and i couldn't wait to pj up for the night.  nothing serious, no cause for alarm, just a little gray raincloud of a week.  JANUARY.

my guy surprised me with an amazing pick-me-up to put a sweet bookend on a weird week.  last night we went to miami to see the heat pounce the pistons; my first heat game, and what we'll call my baptism into heat fandom.  (i have a long and sordid history with lebron, as i was [and forever shall be] a serious orlando magic fan when he played for cleveland.  don't even get me started on dwight howard's recent move to the lakers.  my whole paradigm crumbled.)  so our seats were killer, the game was so hype, and there's nothing like seeing players in person for the first time after watching them on tv for years.  and perhaps when you woke up this morning you heard about an average joe's $75k half-court shot and subsequent tackle by mr. james?  yes.  i witnessed that.

on my feet, beer in hand, cheering to near-tears, i looked over at mark and said, "i LOVE when people win money!"  happiness in this world, ya'll.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


historically (for me), january is among the suckiest of months.  the holidays are over, school and/or work are back with a vengeance, and the weather is less than friendly.  my health-conscious boyfriend fell victim to a really rough cold, if not a mini case of the flu this past week, and we've been laying low on the fun front.  i am keeping my head up over here though!  restocking the vintage shop, grabbing fresh flowers every saturday, breaking out the bright colors a couple months early, and soaking up ALL this new television.  (downton!  girls!)  we're happy this january, and hey!  it's only got ten days left.  then valentine e v e r y t h i n g!

ps- happy birthday, dad!  you're one of january's highlights.

Friday, January 18, 2013

barcelona: the zoo

on our last day in barcelona, our last day in europe, we just went. we left our hotel and walked, with no particular destination in mind. this, as i've mentioned handfuls of times before, is how mark and i thrive. we just go. we walked and walked, and i would've loved to see us as little blips on a map, meandering up and down streets and alleys, with no rhyme or reason to our path. this day was among my favorite of our ten day trip, and certainly the best in barcelona. the last memory i'll share with you is this; the morning that we sat down for an espresso, and found ourselves inside the most amazing of zoos just five minutes later.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

barcelona: la sagrada familia

silly to have even attempted to capture it with my little camera; 
so lucky to have stood under its phenomenal roof.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

barcelona: la boqueria

la boqueria.
fresh juice every morning!
copious full-bodied meats not pictured.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

barcelona: tapas

barcelona.  more than a couple close friends said it was among their favorite international travel destinations.  somehow i've amassed some very well-traveled friends, so i took this notion to heart.  barcelona was going to be a m a z i n g.

i liked it.  i'm glad we went.  the further away i get from the trip, the more i like barcelona.  but i'd be lying if i said i didn't have moments of longing for paris or little ol' delray beach while we were in spain.  there are three pieces of our time there that i really really loved, and that's how i'll weave photos together for you later this week.

two places worth mentioning are casa camper, the completely fantastic hotel we stayed in, and a restaurant just steps away called julivert meu.  when we first checked into casa camper, my eyes were wide and the world was my effing oyster.  it was perfect and deserves its own love letter of a post, which i had every intention of writing, but my camera missed the memo.  (time to create that tripadvisor account like i promised be tulum last july!)  our first night we hungrily wandered over to julivert meu which wooed me with iron skillets and ham hocks hanging artfully in the front window.  (i'd later learn those hocks are hanging, literally, everywhere.)  traditional catalan-style tapas that reigned supreme a dozen restaurants later.  we ate there twice.  i wish i was eating there right now.

other highlights include: thousands of brightly painted roll-down store shutters, the paella i promised my mother i'd try, pretty christmas lights arching every single street, la central- a rad bookstore we spent a ton of time in, the crazy wrong turn we took walking to parc güell, and mark.  he's just such an amazing person to travel with.  even when i'm not.

and now, a smattering of our time in barcelona.  tapas, if you will!
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