Saturday, January 12, 2013

barcelona: tapas

barcelona.  more than a couple close friends said it was among their favorite international travel destinations.  somehow i've amassed some very well-traveled friends, so i took this notion to heart.  barcelona was going to be a m a z i n g.

i liked it.  i'm glad we went.  the further away i get from the trip, the more i like barcelona.  but i'd be lying if i said i didn't have moments of longing for paris or little ol' delray beach while we were in spain.  there are three pieces of our time there that i really really loved, and that's how i'll weave photos together for you later this week.

two places worth mentioning are casa camper, the completely fantastic hotel we stayed in, and a restaurant just steps away called julivert meu.  when we first checked into casa camper, my eyes were wide and the world was my effing oyster.  it was perfect and deserves its own love letter of a post, which i had every intention of writing, but my camera missed the memo.  (time to create that tripadvisor account like i promised be tulum last july!)  our first night we hungrily wandered over to julivert meu which wooed me with iron skillets and ham hocks hanging artfully in the front window.  (i'd later learn those hocks are hanging, literally, everywhere.)  traditional catalan-style tapas that reigned supreme a dozen restaurants later.  we ate there twice.  i wish i was eating there right now.

other highlights include: thousands of brightly painted roll-down store shutters, the paella i promised my mother i'd try, pretty christmas lights arching every single street, la central- a rad bookstore we spent a ton of time in, the crazy wrong turn we took walking to parc güell, and mark.  he's just such an amazing person to travel with.  even when i'm not.

and now, a smattering of our time in barcelona.  tapas, if you will!


  1. paella! my favorite.

    i am SO enjoying your tales of the travels and the photography that goes with it.

  2. omg I'd be thrilled to travel anywhere in Europe but your photos are just beautiful! it's nice to live vicariously!


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