Wednesday, January 2, 2013

au revoir 2012

happy new year!  after eleven hours in the sky on 2013's very first day, i'm safe at home and sending you electronic bonne année and feliz año neuvo wishes at 4am florida time.  to skip over the end of 2012 on this stylebook of mine seems wrong, but little else than it was an amazing year for me comes to mind.  one might attribute that to the current state of my mind: skipping ahead six hours, listening in french, spanish, or catalan while thinking in english, hoping for nutrients from copious wine, cheese, bread, and hot chocolate for the twenty+ miles i walked every day for the last eight, all to jump back six hours and resume normalcy.  with so many cogs and sprockets cranking inside this head of mine, a lack of words for 2012 seems pretty justifiable to me.  but it's not that.  last year was just so good and right that i don't need to belabor the point.  after a couple years of complacency and soul-searching, this last year was what i deserve and what i worked really hard to have.  i am appreciative beyond words.  

i really hope you all had beautiful holidays!  our trip was incredible and i'll tell you all about it soon.  happy 2013, my friends!


  1. so so happy for you, love!
    what a beautiful's to many many more!


  2. happy new year! here's to another great one that you deserve.



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