Monday, January 28, 2013

geek squad

a couple quick internerdy updates!

*in honor of my favorite holiday (i just have a weird obsession with hearts, which really... are just a shape?), i've got a 14% off everything promo running in my vintage shop.  use code VALENTINE at checkout.

*i'm finally all in and participating in a brand new social media app!  twitter.  follow @ssstylebook for vintage updates and twice-daily sarcasm.  (i'm really trying, jimmy fallon.)

*super most importantly, are you guys still reading mark's travel blog?  he's been posting about our time in paris and barcelona in a very different way than i did.  same experiences, different perspective!  go give it a looksee.

*catfish is so damn good.


  1. Ok your blog is adorable! New follower:)

  2. loving marks blog! i'm enjoying hearing/seeing both of your perspectives on your travels.

  3. Me too, having resisted for so long, have recently been on a upwardly all embracing learning curve of new media trying to promote my new etsy shop. Which has resulted in tumbleweed and just the one follower which I suspect might possibly be me.
    I will be back here though:)


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