Thursday, February 21, 2013

rebirth of the cool

three days in new york.  where do i begin?  i guess with two points.  one: it's cute that i expected to take a lot of photos.  once i realized that would require removing my gloved hand from my coat pocket, i got a reality check.  two:  i LOVE my friends.  i know how to pick 'em, i tell you.  huddled in a booth sipping beers and sharing stories as though we were still carefree college sophomores, not mothers, jewelry designers, grant writers, or neuroscientists (seriously.  my best friend's a genius) was magic.

it was cold- 18 degrees at one point- and though mark and i both know the city well, we can never resist the urge to hoof it and explore.  (i'm certain that i'd weigh like 80lbs if i lived there; i want to walk everywhere.)  when we weren't with friends, we played tourist in the best of ways.  took a warm trip to MoMA, and a ride up to the frigid tippy top of rockefeller center for the mother of views.  watched our own breaths as we leaned over the famous ice skating rink, and toasted our second valentine's day together with heavenly doughnut plant concoctions.  took a walk along the high line and through the chelsea market. tried a couple restaurants and coffee shops we'd been reading about, and went to old favorites.  did a smidge of shopping, because, come on.  

friend rendezvous aside, the highlight of the weekend for me was the newly opened basquiat exhibition at the gagosian.  my stomach hurts just remembering it now.  so lucky to have stood in a room amidst so much of his work; once in a lifetime deal for sure.  (new yorkers, go!  before april 6th!)

that city has a good chunk of my heart always.  three days was much too short; we're already planning our next trip up and will stay a week or two.  a week or two in the SUMMER.  ;)


  1. Love the shoot with Matisse's dancers - the man with 'sticks' looks like he's about to start dancing any second :-)

  2. sounds like a blast. i can relate when it comes to getting together with those college friends. i think i've shared that same moment, huddled together over beers and talking about the disbelief of where we have come in life.

    i always love a trip to nyc. i've done the winter thing, i also prefer the summer ;)


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