Sunday, February 10, 2013

this time last year

this morning we drove to miami for coffee at a favorite spot, lunch at a new-to-us restaurant, and a little window shopping.  (we'll never find the right floor lamp for this living room of ours.)  as with every birthday or new year's eve, valentine's day is cause for me to play "this time last year," and i totally played on the drive back home today.  

this time last year i was spending the week here as mark's houseguest, visiting from up north like i had so many times before in the previous six months.  i'd been interviewing for jobs in new york, while mark toyed with selling his place to move up there too.  for february 14th, i knew i wanted to escape winter and hang with him down here, and as always, he showed me THEE best time.  (seriously.)  we brought donuts and coffee to the beach to watch the sun rise, spent hours walking through miami art galleries, window shopped, and lunched in the sun.  it was warm and beautiful; it was our first valentine's day together and it was pretty perfect.  the next night at dinner i looked across the table and told mark, "i'm going to move here instead."  it was this weird epiphany (over enchiladas) that i'll always remember.  weeks later i moved all my wacky clothes into what's now our lamp-less home, and landed a job i'm crazy about within three days.

this time last year i had an a-ha moment that's made me the happiest i've ever been.  i've got my valentine to thank. 


  1. aw, what a sweet post. it has to be such a good feeling for everything to fall into place like it did for you. and I love your shoes :)

  2. just found your blog. sign me up, i love this post so much. and by sign me up, naturally i mean i clicked the follow button. i just up and moved across the country from nyc to la based on a gut feeling, i love when i stumble across people who have followed their own guts to where they are meant :)

  3. follow your heart, literally. Great story.


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