Thursday, March 28, 2013


i smiled the other day when i realized the most prevalent image on my pinterest is THE EGG.  oh my goodness, i love eggs.  i could happily sustain on an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet for the rest of forever, but i only lasted three years as a vegan.  and i blame my mother!  when i was itty bitty she'd scramble eggs for me each morning as soon as she heard me rustle in my bed.  (so cute.)  i know that easter isn't really about eggs, but i'm looking forward to hitting delray's farmer's market saturday morning for fresh ones to color, and then ultimately turn into this!  have a beautiful weekend!

Sunday, March 24, 2013


my spring cleaning "sell" pile yielded 27 things.  find them here.
my "donate" pile was much bigger, and sadly... 
so was my "mend" pile.

guess we know how i'll be spending my free time!

Friday, March 22, 2013


the other afternoon i texted mark from work and said, "i just want cheese and wine for dinner.  that's fine, right?"

my spring break has arrived.  i have nine of the next eleven days off, and i have big plans.  big plans to CHILL... mostly.  tomorrow i'll see a good friend from LA during her flight layover, and monday i'll see my sister and parents, and meet their new australian shepherd puppy, kylie.  (eeeeeeeeeeee!)  mark and i will likely dust off those disney passes of ours at some point, and the great closet escapade is definitely happening.  sunday.  (now that i've announced it, it's got to.  and if you want live updates of all the junk i'm selling, peep my twitter!)  so maybe i've actually got minimal chilling planned?  but i do want to crack open my old sex and the city box set and veg out;  i've still got new york on the brain, bad.  (we're thisclose to signing on the dotted line for a 10-day brooklyn apartment share in june!!!)

what else?  movie or book recommendations?  great recipes i should try (to pretend to help mark cook)?  it's not often that i have this much time off work and don't skip the country.  i'm so. excited.  happy weekend to you!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Monday, March 18, 2013

spring cleaning

i don't typically come here to regurgitate information, but i loved this little blurb in april's martha stewart living (which i read saturday on the beach!), and thought i'd share:

spring cleaning cheat sheet: closets
remove all your belongings and separate them into five piles:
-things to keep
-things to keep that need repair
-things to give away or sell
-things to throw out
-things to store in another area of the home (such as that tennis racket, which belongs with your other sports equipment)
++place only the items in the first pile back in the closet.

i have several days off from work coming down the pike, and i'm weirdly excited use this method in every nook and cranny of storage space in our home.  i sorta do the closet thing every month anyway, but if martha tells you how to do something, you do it her way.

(that photo up there?  a prime example of my hoarding.)

Sunday, March 17, 2013


i think these might be the only two candid shots of mark and me in existence.
he's so cute.  you can say it... i know you were thinking the same thing.

(thanks drea & bro!)

Monday, March 11, 2013

bright like a diamond

ten (ten!!) years ago mark and i were at the same college party, though not together.  i was there with my boyfriend and some friends, he was there with his girlfriend and some friends.  mark had a film camera with him and shot a few photos of party happenings (which, i'm pretty sure he developed and then drew and painted all over.  art student).  this is actually one of my first memories of him!  so okay.  a year and a half ago we start dating, and he digs through old pictures and finds a few of me from that very night in 2003!  i'd sold the skirt i wore to that party to a vintage boutique at least four years prior, but as soon as i saw the photo i went back to see if by some crazy chance that skirt was still there.  destiny, sentimentality, you know.  it was!  i bought it right back, and the boutique owner loved my sappy story.  "this piece of clothing was meant to be yours," she said.  (it's actually really ugly.  and so was my haircut in '03, so no photo for you guys.)

saturday night mark and i went to another party, this time together, and do you know he brought that same damn camera?!  my beautiful friend drea had a shimmery sparkle party to celebrate her birthday; her house was decked out in glitter and everyone was dressed to the nines.  i love a themed party, and i especially love when party guests cooperate with requested dress codes.  we had FUN taking pictures with that janky old point-and-shoot! 

and i'll probably sell this skirt, too.

Friday, March 8, 2013


a couple more snaps from last saturday.  work is so bananas that i really live for the weekends these days.  fingers crossed this one's just as fun... i've got a hunch it might be!  TGIF, you guys!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


last saturday we had a serious parents-of-teenagers moment when deciding to stay nearby after dropping my brother off at the reggae fest (you're welcome).  you know, in case he needed us.  we were across the street from the miami sequarium, which mark has loved since he was a kid, so what the hell?  another punch in my south florida tourist card!  the seaquarium is a special place: small, immaculate, and mostly unchanged from its 50s glory (except not really; all those hurricanes and all).  it's right on the water, and flipper was filmed there!  the animals are all so beautiful and well loved.  we watched a few different shows, and the bond between the dolphins, sea lions, killer whale(!) and their trainers was so visible and sweet.  and the manatees!  this florida girl loves her some manatees.  it's interesting the things i take for granted as a beach dweller.  when we visited that incredible zoo in barcelona, we saw a line of people a mile long, and realized they were waiting to see the dolphins.  we scoffed and skipped that part!  we've got dolphins in our backyard.  :)  i was happy to hang out with them in miami for an afternoon, though.  smart cookies.

Monday, March 4, 2013

hot shakes

yesterday morning my brother and boyfriend agreed that they could no longer abide my "i've never seen any harlem shake videos" proclamations in good conscience.  this was my indoctrination, and shake not withstanding, it makes me so happy.

lebron is about to become a search tag on this blog.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

oh brother

my stomach was in knots most of last week; a combo of nerves over a looming presentation at work, and too many of those sriracha flavored potato chips you're supposed to vote for.  i'm telling you i walked around like eeyore for five days straight- quiet, uneasy, and not letting myself have too much fun.  but here's what: i nailed my presentation and a few hours later my baby brother zack rolled in to town!  all the way from indianapolis!  (he's been living there since july after landing a rad job with adidas.)  those gray clouds parted and i was suddenly ready to get crunk.

not only had i not seen the man in nearly a year, this was his first ever trip to miami!  he drove(!) down with some buddies for a festival, and mark and i got to host him for a couple nights.  the bad part?  he brought the indy cold with him.  despite highs in the upper 80s all last week, it dropped 30 degrees when he showed up.  so no beach parties were had, but we paraded him around some of our favorite spots and had such a good time catching up.  he's almost a decade younger than me, so hearing what he's up to keeps me feeling young (or really really old, depending).  the visit was too short and i always wish we lived closer, but you guys know i'm gaga for my family, and we won't be letting 11 months go between visits again!  that tall ass man cheered me right up and kicked march off right.

*this song came on in a miami restaurant saturday night and brought. me. back.
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