Friday, March 22, 2013


the other afternoon i texted mark from work and said, "i just want cheese and wine for dinner.  that's fine, right?"

my spring break has arrived.  i have nine of the next eleven days off, and i have big plans.  big plans to CHILL... mostly.  tomorrow i'll see a good friend from LA during her flight layover, and monday i'll see my sister and parents, and meet their new australian shepherd puppy, kylie.  (eeeeeeeeeeee!)  mark and i will likely dust off those disney passes of ours at some point, and the great closet escapade is definitely happening.  sunday.  (now that i've announced it, it's got to.  and if you want live updates of all the junk i'm selling, peep my twitter!)  so maybe i've actually got minimal chilling planned?  but i do want to crack open my old sex and the city box set and veg out;  i've still got new york on the brain, bad.  (we're thisclose to signing on the dotted line for a 10-day brooklyn apartment share in june!!!)

what else?  movie or book recommendations?  great recipes i should try (to pretend to help mark cook)?  it's not often that i have this much time off work and don't skip the country.  i'm so. excited.  happy weekend to you!


  1. You should watch beasts of the Southern Wild. So good. I heard it's a lot like Swamplandia, which is a finalist for the Pulitzer, so you could do a little movie book match up.

  2. Book Recommendation: Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. It was so wonderful.

  3. Well **I** will be in New York next week, so if you fancy a very long drive north...

  4. happy weekend friend! yes, beasts of the southern wild. i just finished reading middlesex, also good.
    any time you want to escape to nyc i'm game ;) and, i always would dig out and dust off the old sex and the city's before or after a trip there.


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