Monday, March 11, 2013

bright like a diamond

ten (ten!!) years ago mark and i were at the same college party, though not together.  i was there with my boyfriend and some friends, he was there with his girlfriend and some friends.  mark had a film camera with him and shot a few photos of party happenings (which, i'm pretty sure he developed and then drew and painted all over.  art student).  this is actually one of my first memories of him!  so okay.  a year and a half ago we start dating, and he digs through old pictures and finds a few of me from that very night in 2003!  i'd sold the skirt i wore to that party to a vintage boutique at least four years prior, but as soon as i saw the photo i went back to see if by some crazy chance that skirt was still there.  destiny, sentimentality, you know.  it was!  i bought it right back, and the boutique owner loved my sappy story.  "this piece of clothing was meant to be yours," she said.  (it's actually really ugly.  and so was my haircut in '03, so no photo for you guys.)

saturday night mark and i went to another party, this time together, and do you know he brought that same damn camera?!  my beautiful friend drea had a shimmery sparkle party to celebrate her birthday; her house was decked out in glitter and everyone was dressed to the nines.  i love a themed party, and i especially love when party guests cooperate with requested dress codes.  we had FUN taking pictures with that janky old point-and-shoot! 

and i'll probably sell this skirt, too.


  1. What a cute story! And I love your festive outfit. Though I still want to see that ugly skirt.

  2. Looks like an awesome party! That's neat you are friends with Drea. I love her blog too!

  3. How were these pictures taken? Look like polaroids. So dreamy!


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