Sunday, March 3, 2013

oh brother

my stomach was in knots most of last week; a combo of nerves over a looming presentation at work, and too many of those sriracha flavored potato chips you're supposed to vote for.  i'm telling you i walked around like eeyore for five days straight- quiet, uneasy, and not letting myself have too much fun.  but here's what: i nailed my presentation and a few hours later my baby brother zack rolled in to town!  all the way from indianapolis!  (he's been living there since july after landing a rad job with adidas.)  those gray clouds parted and i was suddenly ready to get crunk.

not only had i not seen the man in nearly a year, this was his first ever trip to miami!  he drove(!) down with some buddies for a festival, and mark and i got to host him for a couple nights.  the bad part?  he brought the indy cold with him.  despite highs in the upper 80s all last week, it dropped 30 degrees when he showed up.  so no beach parties were had, but we paraded him around some of our favorite spots and had such a good time catching up.  he's almost a decade younger than me, so hearing what he's up to keeps me feeling young (or really really old, depending).  the visit was too short and i always wish we lived closer, but you guys know i'm gaga for my family, and we won't be letting 11 months go between visits again!  that tall ass man cheered me right up and kicked march off right.

*this song came on in a miami restaurant saturday night and brought. me. back.

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