Thursday, March 7, 2013


last saturday we had a serious parents-of-teenagers moment when deciding to stay nearby after dropping my brother off at the reggae fest (you're welcome).  you know, in case he needed us.  we were across the street from the miami sequarium, which mark has loved since he was a kid, so what the hell?  another punch in my south florida tourist card!  the seaquarium is a special place: small, immaculate, and mostly unchanged from its 50s glory (except not really; all those hurricanes and all).  it's right on the water, and flipper was filmed there!  the animals are all so beautiful and well loved.  we watched a few different shows, and the bond between the dolphins, sea lions, killer whale(!) and their trainers was so visible and sweet.  and the manatees!  this florida girl loves her some manatees.  it's interesting the things i take for granted as a beach dweller.  when we visited that incredible zoo in barcelona, we saw a line of people a mile long, and realized they were waiting to see the dolphins.  we scoffed and skipped that part!  we've got dolphins in our backyard.  :)  i was happy to hang out with them in miami for an afternoon, though.  smart cookies.

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