Monday, March 18, 2013

spring cleaning

i don't typically come here to regurgitate information, but i loved this little blurb in april's martha stewart living (which i read saturday on the beach!), and thought i'd share:

spring cleaning cheat sheet: closets
remove all your belongings and separate them into five piles:
-things to keep
-things to keep that need repair
-things to give away or sell
-things to throw out
-things to store in another area of the home (such as that tennis racket, which belongs with your other sports equipment)
++place only the items in the first pile back in the closet.

i have several days off from work coming down the pike, and i'm weirdly excited use this method in every nook and cranny of storage space in our home.  i sorta do the closet thing every month anyway, but if martha tells you how to do something, you do it her way.

(that photo up there?  a prime example of my hoarding.)


  1. ha, read the same article and am doing the same thing!
    also, love every single one of those sweaters.

  2. If you like that, you'll love this!

  3. Love this - planned on some seasonal closet purging, too.


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