Monday, April 22, 2013


and speaking of practical footwear, what do YOU think about birkenstocks?  (yes, serious question.)

i bought a pair of sleek, non-birkenstocky, madrids on super sale last summer, and i guess those were my training wheels.  then one morning this past january i found myself entranced by an older woman's gizehs while stuck in the world's longest line at my favorite deli.  after positive affirmations from becca, who seems to have cool down to a science, i went for it.  (red first, which i immediately sold in favor of some ashley olsen blacks.)  not long after my gizeh procurement, amidst teasing from my mother, the above image appeared on the sartorialist.  then this man repeller essay happened. 

this whole thing has me so discombobulated!  i'm really feelin' the birks this summer.  have i been viewing birkenstocks with unnecessary disdain all these years?  is this related to my new obsession with incense?  is it just because i'll be 32 in july and i'm throwing in the towel?  THOUGHTS?!  help me work through this.  or don't, because i've worn things that have elicited the side eye for most of my adult life.  :)

(this post probably should've happened on saturday [4/20], but earth day seems just as appropos.)


  1. While I can't express my disdain enough for the socks-with-sandals look (I live in Germany and it is rampant, I tell you! Ugh!) and I think the ones Man Repeller showed were a bit too out there, I think there's something classically cool about the classier Birks. I mean, as long as you're not rocking them with a peasant skirt and dreadlocks, I like the comfort-chic they bring to a more put-together outfit.

    I too am a bit scarred from the bulky, black two-strap ones I just had to have when they were all the rage in high school and which my mother referred to as my caveman shoes. But I've really come back around and have two pairs of Gizehs, the first after a trip to Barcelona in which I saw them on every other surprisingly chic person there. Now if only the Germans would actually wear their own shoes and I wasn't the only one here in them.... ;)

    1. i can always count on you, shoegirl. but! you're not literally scarred from the two straps are you? because i just bit the bullet on my third (and final!) pair, and i went OLD SCHOOL CLASSIC.

  2. I walked away from them for awhile post- patch work everything and hemp jewelry days, but I've found my way home again. I like 'em and I have wide, ole caveman feet, so they are sort of made for me. Also, my six-year old boy in his melts my heart.

    1. my good friend texted a photo of her three-year-old in his, to make me feel better (ha!) and it was the cuuuuuutest!

  3. i think they had their moment which complicates their timeless appeal.

  4. hi hi! so, i am finally commenting on this post. i love that you wrote this! kinda hit home for me. considering i was that kid in high school with the patch work dress, arms decorated with bangles, turquoise cuffs and more, and always (always) birks. and yes, sometimes even with socks. did i really just admit that? i mean, come on, i saw the dead and phish on a regular basis and wanted to forgo college to go on tour. thank you mom and dad for talking sense into me.
    while my style has changed, and several of my friends gawk at my old ways, i find that i can never part with my birks. i have the classics that i keep around for gardening and what not, and i have some newer pairs for everyday use. i love them with jeans, shorts and maxi dresses. i will always love my heels, but there are times that call for comfort. and life with three kiddos calls for comfort.
    so, in a nutshell, i love that you are embracing the birks!! and incense! wow, i haven't burned that since college :) hehe.

  5. Just happened upon your blog and this post made me laugh so hard.

    As a 32 year old, I have really come to question my choices (sometimes I choose, yes you've got...comfort). I don't own birks, however I have questioned my clogs for sometime now. Do we just do that in our early 30's? They're so comfortable, but is that lame? Is comfort lame? NO. Right? Whatever. I think styled right, anything works, a la Ashley.

    Rock your birks, light your incense and embrace being open to change!



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