Saturday, April 20, 2013

sandals & sunscreen

here's what: living where i do, sunscreen is a year-round daily must, and the only time my footwear requires socks is the rare trip to a bowling alley.  i live at the beach, and since most people start thinking about their summer necessities around this time every year, i thought i'd sing the praises of some of my staples. 
saltwater sandals.  while everyone whose blog i read and instagram i follow seems to have a pair, i've never actually seen another woman wearing them in jacksonville or delray beach.  (not like i've seen every florida resident's shoe closet, but you know.)  they're the perfect accompaniment to the vintage sundresses i live in during the hottest months, and actually really, really practical.  you can drown these babies in the depths of the ocean (or a daily 3pm downpour, or splash mountain over and over again), and they'll dry out and maintain their shape and color like a champ.  and you can walk in them for hours.  mine have been to chichen itza- the real one and the epcot one- and yielded no blisters or sore feet.  i've had a few colors over the years, and find myself wearing the red and tan most. they look as good now as they did four years ago!  swear!  (their sizing's unique- madewell has a helpful chart here.  i wear a size 7 shoe, and purchased a saltwater size 5.)
rainbow sandals.  seven(!) years later, these do NOT look brand new, and i wouldn't have it any other way.  these are my beach, pool, mailbox, grocery store go-tos.  and if you've got a pair you know they're a badge of honor... it takes time and wear to break these in to your perfect and unique foot shape.  i really think i'd slip these on if our house caught on fire-- they belong to me and me alone.  sort of like ordering a burger to your exact specifications, there are a lot of options when you buy a pair.  i've got the premier leather sierra brown single layer arch narrow strap (these guys).  when i moved in with mark a year ago, our second stop after bed bath & beyond was to get him his own pair of rainbows.  he lives in them now.  everyone needs a pair of flip flops; don't mess with the plastic ones.  and if your heart doesn't melt after watching this, well.  i don't know boutcha.
sun bum sunscreen.  i'd never given much thought to sunscreen brands, just grabbed the highest spf that promised not to clog my pores, until six months ago when i bought a bottle of sun bum after reading about the company.  i cannot even tell you how damn good this stuff smells.  my skin feels softer after i use it, and i spend the rest of my day smelling like hawaii.  (i'm qualified to make that statement.  i went to preschool there.)  sun bum is a newer company, so if you don't have a surf shop on every corner, you can order it from several sources online.  worth it.  and just like i hope you wear your seatbelt every time you're in the car, i hope you wear sunscreen every single day.  because i care about you!!

also, i swear by ray-ban sunglasses- all sorts (they don't slide off my face and i think they're so timeless).  don't have a favorite beach towel or swimwear company, but i'm on the hunt for the PERFECT sun hat.  i'm sure you'll be waiting with bated breath for that review.  surf's up!

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  1. Oh, those are the sandals I always see on A Beautiful Mess. I really like them. That's the most beautiful sunscreen bottle I've ever seen.


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