Monday, May 27, 2013


happy memorial day, dear friends!

mark and i scrapped our long weekend road trip plans and stayed close by.  we've ended up having a pretty southern few days!  an airboat ride through the florida everglades, complete with alligator sightings (and then the offer of fried alligator bits as a snack [declined!]).  a long swim in the pool, followed by homemade cocktails, roasted corn, and a few sparklers on our front porch.  even a sunday morning trip to cracker barrel!  nothin's more southern than grits, and over a bowl i ruminated about the southern-ness my mother instilled in us growing up.  a love for grits, an inability to wear pants to church (no matter how hip the church!), a solid no white shoe policy between labor day and easter, and-- if i'm in a certain part of jacksonville long enough, a teeny bit of a southern accent.

mom also did this thing to my brain where, despite a looming 32nd birthday, i feel i MUST dress in holiday-themed attire.  so today, i'm looking a bit like a disheveled american flag that's trying not to say ya'll, and i'm anxiously awaiting some grilled veggie dogs and watermelon.  girls raised in the south love us some traditions.

(we also love memorial day weekend sales--- 25% off my entire vintage shop with code NYSUMMER at checkout!)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the classic tote

i've recently gotten myself in check where the CANVAS TOTES are concerned.  somewhere along the line i fell into a tote k-hole, because what's $20 here and there where a cute hand-screened cat head is concerned?  i'd amassed quite the collection, and never really used them.  i donated most, with the exception of my beloved fieldguided kate bush tote, and the savage beauty souvenir tote i picked up from the met two summers ago

i was so pleased with the quality of everlane's basic tees, that i decided to give their $35 canvas bag a whirl.  i chose basic black with brown leather handles (goes with everything!), and i've found it to be the perfect summer tote.  an inside pocket for my phone, room enough for my everyday essentials (an umbrella 'round these parts), and even a towel if a trip to the beach strikes my fancy.   the classic tote comes in a handful of colors, and is a chicer alternative to those cat prints i'd been slinging around!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

nysummer sale

a month from today i'm going do something i've never done before.  i'll put my vintage shop in "vacation mode" for the first time since opening it in 2008.  usually when i travel, i put up a shop announcement letting gals know that items will ship after such-and-such date, and respond to inquiries on the road via the etsy app on my iphone (do you have the etsy app?  i love the etsy app.)  not this time!  i'm going on full-on vacation while we're in new york for two weeks.  (mark however, is bringing his laptop and will work a bit each day; too bad, so sad.)

so!  in an effort to sell as much vintage as i can before i go (for the murray's bagels fund), i'm having a shop sale.  25% off everything with code NYSUMMER at checkout until june 19th.  treat yo self!

{shapes of nyc by yoni alter}

Thursday, May 16, 2013


in honor of my MOTHER joining instagram this week, how's about an IG roundup?  haven't done one in awhile!  little bits include:

+the opening of florida's third shake shack last month in boca raton, just a mile from my office.  we went to the grand opening with my dear friend, a florida/new york transplant, and her discerning SS tastebuds.  we went again on mother's day to bring mark's mama into the fold.  as a vegetarian, i'm probably shacked out for awhile; that 'shroom burger is a force to be reckoned with.  still, we're happy it's here.

+despite feeling really really sheepish about owning one after years of protesting their existence, that silly kindle paperwhitehas been the answer to a lot of life's burning questions.  (such as: i have a coffee table art book addiction and live in a one-bedroom condo, AND, how will i read the latest housewives' memoir without others knowing?)  i'll never quit beautiful book collecting, but i've really grown to like the kindle for the one-time reads.

+GREEN TEA.  i have recently become a convert and frankly, it's a travesty that it took me so long.  my late great-grandfather, who lived to be 98, and whose wife is 100 and still going strong, told me years ago that his secret to longevity was green tea.  i've made the switch to tea from coffee, discovered that i prefer herbal to black, and green to herbal.  tazo zen, unsweetened, has become my go-to.  but recommendations... i want them!  favorite teas?

+oana, my beloved blog designer and sweet friend, sent me the original illustration of beautiful girl on bike.  the original!  it's being professionally framed as we speak.  i'll treasure it forever.

+i had too much fun collecting summer vibes to stuff into a box and mail to my brother for his birthday.  i'll spend the next month working on the same for my sister's and brother-in-law's birthdays.

+i love the new kate spade saturday line.  i treated myself to an adorable and practical pair of ks pf flyers and dig them so hard that i actually wrote one of those online reviews (size down!).

+our beach.  our beach has been more heavenly than ever lately.

Monday, May 13, 2013


a quick blog interlude about popcorn?

i promise i'm not grasping at straws here.  but first.  do you guys watch scandal?  you should be.  i never watch anything while it's actually airing on television (unless it's full of hbo smut), but scandal has become the exception.  and you have to start from the beginning, so i recommend subscribing to hulu plus until you're caught up, then canceling your $6/month membership.  and then coming back here to dissect with me how not-sexy that president is.  that show is SO effing good.  (finale thursday!  WHAT will happen?!)

which brings us to popcorn, sort of.  if you're a watcher, or when you become one, you'll notice the only thing the main (babe, best work-wardrobed) character olivia pope is seen eating for dinner happens to be an oversized glass of wine with a side of popcorn.  this has also happened to me recently,  thanks to long work days and this fantastic little stovetop popper.  just throw in kernels and a splash of sunflower oil, and i'm telling you you've never tasted better.  

just trust me on all of this.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

vintage overload

FINALLY.  my camera battery died last month which prompted the realization that i might have left the charger in a hotel room.  i'm stubborn and cheap, so i only got around to buying a new one a couple days ago.  i have a backlog of vintage goodness to photograph and add to my shop, and new pieces will be trickling in over the week.  (i have wednesday and thursday off, yesssss!)  if you haven't already, add stylebook vintage to your etsy favorites and/or circle for BREAKING NEWS in vintage dresses.  xo!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

dreamtime downtime

lately my downtime in the evenings has consisted of wine, pinterest, and my new kindle paperwhitesoundtracked by the nba playoffs on my boyfriend's silly flatscreen.  it's not the worst life.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

well hello there

so very much radio silence over here the last month and a half; my bad.  my job is its busiest january through may, which is amazing considering that's only 5/12 of the year, but it's also intense while i'm in the thick of it.  april was swamped, and it's a shame that my one year anniversary as a delray beach resident- and then 16 days later- my one year workiversary, slipped by without the cool-shit-i-did-this-year recap i'd planned to share here.  it's coming.  like, after may 20th?

exciting things on the horizon keep me going.  we booked a ten day nyc apartment share with some west coast friends for late june, in the most beautiful williamsburg loft.  more and more i'm feeling pulled to new york (broken record, i know), and this is going to be a great chunk of time to see my friends and explore the nitty-gritty.  (send your recommendations over!  i mean food ones.)  i'll still have another week of vacation time to use up before august's end, so imagining the places we might go this summer is a favorite pastime of mark's and mine.

and it hasn't been ALL work, no play.  we've obviously been taking serious advantage of our beach in this precious window: tourist/snowbird season is over, and it's not yet maniacally hot.  and i have so so much good vintage to add to my shop!  soon, babes.

ps- happy birthday to my brother, zack!
pps- pizza's from here.  damn.
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