Thursday, May 16, 2013


in honor of my MOTHER joining instagram this week, how's about an IG roundup?  haven't done one in awhile!  little bits include:

+the opening of florida's third shake shack last month in boca raton, just a mile from my office.  we went to the grand opening with my dear friend, a florida/new york transplant, and her discerning SS tastebuds.  we went again on mother's day to bring mark's mama into the fold.  as a vegetarian, i'm probably shacked out for awhile; that 'shroom burger is a force to be reckoned with.  still, we're happy it's here.

+despite feeling really really sheepish about owning one after years of protesting their existence, that silly kindle paperwhitehas been the answer to a lot of life's burning questions.  (such as: i have a coffee table art book addiction and live in a one-bedroom condo, AND, how will i read the latest housewives' memoir without others knowing?)  i'll never quit beautiful book collecting, but i've really grown to like the kindle for the one-time reads.

+GREEN TEA.  i have recently become a convert and frankly, it's a travesty that it took me so long.  my late great-grandfather, who lived to be 98, and whose wife is 100 and still going strong, told me years ago that his secret to longevity was green tea.  i've made the switch to tea from coffee, discovered that i prefer herbal to black, and green to herbal.  tazo zen, unsweetened, has become my go-to.  but recommendations... i want them!  favorite teas?

+oana, my beloved blog designer and sweet friend, sent me the original illustration of beautiful girl on bike.  the original!  it's being professionally framed as we speak.  i'll treasure it forever.

+i had too much fun collecting summer vibes to stuff into a box and mail to my brother for his birthday.  i'll spend the next month working on the same for my sister's and brother-in-law's birthdays.

+i love the new kate spade saturday line.  i treated myself to an adorable and practical pair of ks pf flyers and dig them so hard that i actually wrote one of those online reviews (size down!).

+our beach.  our beach has been more heavenly than ever lately.

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  1. I'm obsessed with the KS Saturday line too! But I'm holding out, because as you know, I'm an extreme cheapskate. I really want the window pane top & skirt, though. I enjoyed your Instagram photos.

    Here's to living to 100!


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