Monday, May 27, 2013


happy memorial day, dear friends!

mark and i scrapped our long weekend road trip plans and stayed close by.  we've ended up having a pretty southern few days!  an airboat ride through the florida everglades, complete with alligator sightings (and then the offer of fried alligator bits as a snack [declined!]).  a long swim in the pool, followed by homemade cocktails, roasted corn, and a few sparklers on our front porch.  even a sunday morning trip to cracker barrel!  nothin's more southern than grits, and over a bowl i ruminated about the southern-ness my mother instilled in us growing up.  a love for grits, an inability to wear pants to church (no matter how hip the church!), a solid no white shoe policy between labor day and easter, and-- if i'm in a certain part of jacksonville long enough, a teeny bit of a southern accent.

mom also did this thing to my brain where, despite a looming 32nd birthday, i feel i MUST dress in holiday-themed attire.  so today, i'm looking a bit like a disheveled american flag that's trying not to say ya'll, and i'm anxiously awaiting some grilled veggie dogs and watermelon.  girls raised in the south love us some traditions.

(we also love memorial day weekend sales--- 25% off my entire vintage shop with code NYSUMMER at checkout!)

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  1. i love that you dress appropriately for the holiday! i only do it for the 4th.


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