Sunday, May 19, 2013

nysummer sale

a month from today i'm going do something i've never done before.  i'll put my vintage shop in "vacation mode" for the first time since opening it in 2008.  usually when i travel, i put up a shop announcement letting gals know that items will ship after such-and-such date, and respond to inquiries on the road via the etsy app on my iphone (do you have the etsy app?  i love the etsy app.)  not this time!  i'm going on full-on vacation while we're in new york for two weeks.  (mark however, is bringing his laptop and will work a bit each day; too bad, so sad.)

so!  in an effort to sell as much vintage as i can before i go (for the murray's bagels fund), i'm having a shop sale.  25% off everything with code NYSUMMER at checkout until june 19th.  treat yo self!

{shapes of nyc by yoni alter}

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