Monday, May 13, 2013


a quick blog interlude about popcorn?

i promise i'm not grasping at straws here.  but first.  do you guys watch scandal?  you should be.  i never watch anything while it's actually airing on television (unless it's full of hbo smut), but scandal has become the exception.  and you have to start from the beginning, so i recommend subscribing to hulu plus until you're caught up, then canceling your $6/month membership.  and then coming back here to dissect with me how not-sexy that president is.  that show is SO effing good.  (finale thursday!  WHAT will happen?!)

which brings us to popcorn, sort of.  if you're a watcher, or when you become one, you'll notice the only thing the main (babe, best work-wardrobed) character olivia pope is seen eating for dinner happens to be an oversized glass of wine with a side of popcorn.  this has also happened to me recently,  thanks to long work days and this fantastic little stovetop popper.  just throw in kernels and a splash of sunflower oil, and i'm telling you you've never tasted better.  

just trust me on all of this.

1 comment:

  1. i love you for this, and i'm obsessed with fake popcorn made of marshmallows.


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