Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the classic tote

i've recently gotten myself in check where the CANVAS TOTES are concerned.  somewhere along the line i fell into a tote k-hole, because what's $20 here and there where a cute hand-screened cat head is concerned?  i'd amassed quite the collection, and never really used them.  i donated most, with the exception of my beloved fieldguided kate bush tote, and the savage beauty souvenir tote i picked up from the met two summers ago

i was so pleased with the quality of everlane's basic tees, that i decided to give their $35 canvas bag a whirl.  i chose basic black with brown leather handles (goes with everything!), and i've found it to be the perfect summer tote.  an inside pocket for my phone, room enough for my everyday essentials (an umbrella 'round these parts), and even a towel if a trip to the beach strikes my fancy.   the classic tote comes in a handful of colors, and is a chicer alternative to those cat prints i'd been slinging around!

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