Sunday, May 5, 2013

well hello there

so very much radio silence over here the last month and a half; my bad.  my job is its busiest january through may, which is amazing considering that's only 5/12 of the year, but it's also intense while i'm in the thick of it.  april was swamped, and it's a shame that my one year anniversary as a delray beach resident- and then 16 days later- my one year workiversary, slipped by without the cool-shit-i-did-this-year recap i'd planned to share here.  it's coming.  like, after may 20th?

exciting things on the horizon keep me going.  we booked a ten day nyc apartment share with some west coast friends for late june, in the most beautiful williamsburg loft.  more and more i'm feeling pulled to new york (broken record, i know), and this is going to be a great chunk of time to see my friends and explore the nitty-gritty.  (send your recommendations over!  i mean food ones.)  i'll still have another week of vacation time to use up before august's end, so imagining the places we might go this summer is a favorite pastime of mark's and mine.

and it hasn't been ALL work, no play.  we've obviously been taking serious advantage of our beach in this precious window: tourist/snowbird season is over, and it's not yet maniacally hot.  and i have so so much good vintage to add to my shop!  soon, babes.

ps- happy birthday to my brother, zack!
pps- pizza's from here.  damn.


  1. A few food recommendations: ;)

    -The Meatball Shop (Bedford Ave stop in Williamsburg)

    -Sophie's Cuban Cuisine (on 23rd street / off the 23rd street stop on the 6 train in Manhattan, right by Subway) the Pork Especial sandwich with the sweet plantains on it is AMAZING

    –Lombardi's Pizza on spring street in Nolita

    –Boqueria (a tapas bar and restaurant) several locations for this one


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