Thursday, June 20, 2013

adventure time

my one year anniversary of living in delray beach (and with mark, more importantly) was april 1st, and i had high hopes of writing some sort of year-in-review super adventure retrospective but, april fool's!  time got away from me.  it's now mid-june, and before we set off on our next escapade (tomorrow!), let's take a linked look back!
last summer mark and i went to mexico to celebrate his 30th birthday.  we visited the ruins of chichen itza first, then spent a few blissful days in tulum.  we still talk about tulum... a lot.  despite living three minutes from a lovely beach, there was something incredibly magical about that place.  our hotel surely had a lot to do with it, and that unrivaled meal at hartwood too.  we filmed that trip and STILL haven't edited the footage, but one day we will.  promise.
a few months after i moved in we took the plunge on disney annual passes, and they've already paid for themselves.  the parks are only about 2.5 hours north, and knowing we probably won't live in florida forever (wait, don't i say that every summer?), we've loved taking frequent enough weekend trips to fancy ourselves expert park hoppers. 

other florida roadtrips?  ponce inlet, where we did more beach lounging and climbed to the top of florida's tallest lighthouse.  kennedy space center, because mark's a total space nerd and i wanted to see if space ice cream was as weird as i remembered.  jacksonville, to parade mark around my birthplace, drink on a different beach, and hang with some of the best humans on the planet.
we hopped planes to virginia beach and new york city for a couple of long weekends with family and friends, because i'm notorious for trying to cram a "vacation" into any slot where the federal government has declared monday a holiday.  the way i see it you can pack a lot of fun into a friday night and three full days.  never waste a 3-day weekend.
in december we stayed busy and IN LOVE and went on 12 dates of christmas.  hot chocolates in hand, we did all sorts of rad stuff which culminated in an incredible european vacation spanning the christmas and new year's holidays.
our first stop was paris, where we spent a romantic christmas (mark wrote about it here, and you can see some of the video he shot here), and walked approximately six thousand miles. it was cold, it was heavenly, and it was undoubtedly the catalyst for this new wine-every-night thing i'm going through.  it also turned me into a girl who loves paris in the most girly of ways, at age 31.
barcelona was our next stop, and i'll always fondly remember it as the place we spent our first new year's eve together-together (we were in different states the preceding NYE, which is like, the saddest).  mark is such a wonderful person to travel with, and i loved exploring barcelona with him.  (he wrote about it here.)
on weekends when we were looking for fun but wanted to stay close by, we often drove a half hour south to miami. some of my favorite days?  yardbird, wynwood, vizcaya, the seaquarium, marlins baseball, & heat basketball.  living so close to miami (without the traffic woes of living IN miami) is badass, period.
but here's what.  i've lived A LOT of places in my life, and i figured out at 18 that life's too short not to love where you live and live where you love.  delray beach is the perfect place for mark and me to call home right now, and i could never ever complain about palm trees in my front yard and the ocean just a few blocks away.  some of the best hometown adventures?  the strawberry patch, morikami japanese gardens, mini golf, & sailing (twice).  and lazy beach days, always.

we had a pretty good 365 days, M!  love you.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


a bit of the lately- which frankly, has been a tad slow for my taste?
but beauty's where you find it has always been my motto (thanks, madonna),
 and soon i'm on vacation in hot pursuit of action and adventure!
be sure to follow along via instagram @stylebook!
& a few days left to take advantage of my vintage shop sale!  xo

Thursday, June 13, 2013


happy throwback thursday and extra happy weekend to you!  
wish i could hang with my dad (and mom!) this weekend, but they've got that new puppy so they're solid.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

little black rain cloud

this will be my 12th(?!) consecutive florida summer, so rain generally does not phase me.  like clockwork, i can count on the skies to open up and dump heavy rain for about an hour at 3:00 every afternoon.  i don't leave home without an umbrella, ever, and i don't own fancy summer sandals because they would definitely get soaked on the first wear.  but i also know the sun likes to make a dramatic and triumphant debut after each shower, and we all resume summer business as usual.  so when i tell you it's rained every day for the last two weeks, i'm talking about a completely different monster.  showing up to work in drenched chinos because the rain blew sideways- umbrella be damned, enduring mini heart attacks when traffic lights were out at rush hour, scrolling through competing facebook photos of friends' flooded neighborhoods, etc.  no sun, ever.  it all got real boring, real fast.  at one point mark and i debated hitting costco for the season's hurricane supplies, but, zzzzzzzz.

all this water whining is to say, the sun freaking came out this weekend, and i bolted out the door!  friday was the first of my summer fridays, which we celebrated last year with silly corona-ritas at a neighborhood beach bar, and i wanted to make it a tradition.  we went back when the rain stopped saturday, and we drove down to miami sunday because, SUN day!  work slowed down drastically two weeks ago, but now that the skies are bright, it finally feels like summer.  SUMMER!  i love florida summers.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

saturday on sunday

remember when samantha said new yorkers can get, ahem, anything delivered to their door 24 hours a day?  apparently cute tops and glassware are no exception-- at least for the next month.  my favorite new line, kate spade saturday, launched four 24-hour window shops yesterday.  now through july 7th, your order will be delivered within an hour by bike messenger in new york city.  fantastic.

i mentioned how much i love my saturday pf flyers, and this amazing cape is on my birthday wishlist.  maybe i'll splurge while we're in nyc later this month and have it delivered by bicycle?  ;)

{image via ks saturday's facebook page}
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