Tuesday, June 11, 2013

little black rain cloud

this will be my 12th(?!) consecutive florida summer, so rain generally does not phase me.  like clockwork, i can count on the skies to open up and dump heavy rain for about an hour at 3:00 every afternoon.  i don't leave home without an umbrella, ever, and i don't own fancy summer sandals because they would definitely get soaked on the first wear.  but i also know the sun likes to make a dramatic and triumphant debut after each shower, and we all resume summer business as usual.  so when i tell you it's rained every day for the last two weeks, i'm talking about a completely different monster.  showing up to work in drenched chinos because the rain blew sideways- umbrella be damned, enduring mini heart attacks when traffic lights were out at rush hour, scrolling through competing facebook photos of friends' flooded neighborhoods, etc.  no sun, ever.  it all got real boring, real fast.  at one point mark and i debated hitting costco for the season's hurricane supplies, but, zzzzzzzz.

all this water whining is to say, the sun freaking came out this weekend, and i bolted out the door!  friday was the first of my summer fridays, which we celebrated last year with silly corona-ritas at a neighborhood beach bar, and i wanted to make it a tradition.  we went back when the rain stopped saturday, and we drove down to miami sunday because, SUN day!  work slowed down drastically two weeks ago, but now that the skies are bright, it finally feels like summer.  SUMMER!  i love florida summers.

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  1. I get summer Fridays, too! It's the BEST. It makes every weekend feel like a three-day. Your zoo trip looks like so much fun!


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