Sunday, July 28, 2013

a sunday

today i really felt 32.

i woke up with the sun, grabbed some headphones, and went for a walk through our neighborhood.  i stopped mid-stride to send this out into the facebook status cosmic void: i dare you NOT to feel like a badass when bj√∂rk's 'army of me' is blasting on your ipod. (even if you are on a 7am walk.) (through a retirement community.) (in birkenstocks.)   

my brother and i then exchanged texts about travel documentaries and outdoor apparel.

later, mark and i met my youngest cousin for breakfast.  he's in his first semester of college nearby and i found myself offering sage advice like, "buddy up to your RA.  trust me, i was an RA for two years," and replying with the blush-eliciting, "a LADY friend?" when he mentioned taking a friend to dinner.  (for this, the chuck taylors from my own college years.)

back at home, we lit incense (seriously) and pulled out dusty jazz records which prompted mark to lament how big and bulky his record player is and how much he 'needs' a new one.  apparently they're more streamlined these days?  an old beach house album found its way into the rotation and i felt my chest crush in on itself as certain chords reminded me of ancient loves and problems and cats.   mark decided to go out for a new york times and worked on the sunday crossword while i had my way with all sorts of clothing: laundry, vintage shop

some bob dylan.  some more coffee.  a home tidied for the work week ahead.  dan savage's new book, kindle edition.  maybe we should make a batch of that good chili?  a little extra so we can freeze some.  32.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

more dresses, less diet coke

lately i'm diggin':

my summer morning commutes. (^^that was yesterday's.)

this dress.  i tried it on and bought it in gray at uniqlo in new york, and have purchased the other two colors online since.  i live in dresses like this during the hottest months because it's nothing more than "a tube of fabric," as mark says.  no buttons, zippers, waistbands, and hey- no bra necessary (if you're me).

wardrobe re-evaluation.  i do this ALL THE TIME but lately i've gotten infinitely better at owning things i actually wear (same dress, 3 colors) vs. collecting.  that said, all those shoes i haven't worn in years are now on ebay.

orange is the new black.  we're down to the last two netflix episodes and i'm saving them because i don't want it to end.  this show is fantastic.  keep in mind i seem to gravitate exclusively toward television series of the NC-17 variety? (same girl who went to disney last weekend.)  so good.  watch it.

water.  what?  yeah, water... in hugely increased amounts compared to four months ago.  i'm embarrassed to admit that i was a member of the diet coke freak club for the last decade, despite knowing it's poison and formaldehyde or whatever.  i'm not perfect (i still like the way diet coke tastes with a bagel + cream cheese), but i'm down to 1 or 2 a week as opposed to 2 or 3 a day!!  water for the win.

pen pals. my sister and i have been sending each other a ton of mail lately, and it's the best. your girl loves the usps- saturday delivery cessation or not.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

christmas in july

i am so ready for christmas.

what is that about?  it's six billion degrees outside and i'm camped out on the couch pinning sweaters and soup recipes left and right.  i bought a (very deeply discounted) patagonia jacket online a few days ago because i'm sure someday i'll have cause to wear it, right?  i've gone through this before (case in point), but this summer my fall/winter holiday hankerings seem a bit more severe than usual.  

weeks ago i declared that a christmas-in-july birthday party was the obvious answer for celebrating three of our july birthdays at once, and mark's mom and sister pulled out all the stops to make it happen last weekend.  there were mashed potatoes, christmas carols of the jimmy buffett variety, and wrapped gifts under a twinkle light-draped palm tree.  'twas good.

and yet, i want cold.  i want to see my breath and wear beanies and weirdly, climb up some mountains while doing both?  we don't get fall or winter down here; i'm resigned to the fact that i have to travel to get to it.  so in pondering options for our next trip, i've decided to skip a tropical august vacation in favor of something chillier in october or november.  somewhere with good views from the sky because, i've got a hot air balloon ride ticket burning a hole in my pocket.  did i ever tell you that?  mark gave me that ticket two christmases ago in fact.

until then, i promise not to wish summer away too hard (my friends to the north and siblings to the west would never forgive me), but i'll keep scarf shopping while no one else is.  i'm such a weirdo.

Friday, July 19, 2013

a midsummer night's closet

i'm having a little shop-my-closet sale over on ebay right now!  
go see, go see! & have yourself a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


i serendipitously discovered this beautiful image by jacinda russell this morning; the morning of my 32nd birthday.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


most of the instagrams i tormented my friends with while in new york.  
oh and HELLO, mostly eatery based?  whatever.  hashtag gastrotourist.

have a beautiful weekend, we're done with vacation photos!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

mad. sq. art: orly genger

remember this post from last july?  i didn't take those photos, but i did take these.  i'd read about orly genger's beautiful red, yellow and blue installation inside madison square park, and it was one of the first places in the city i found myself gravitating toward.  if it hadn't been so very hot the week and a half we were there, i would've gone back with a picnic lunch (from eataly, let's be honest) and a book, and set up camp for an entire afternoon.  just perfect.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


told you there were more.

Monday, July 8, 2013


a week and a half in new york city-- what to say?  a couple days ago my dear friend jodi texted to ask what she and her husband should do while they were there (which dammit all, was two days after we left) and i said: go have dinner inside eataly, see the james turrell exhibition at the guggenheim, and check out smorgasburg on saturday at the williamsburg waterfront.  so i'm thinking those were highlights for me.  i then sent an addendum text to instruct her to have a people's pop EVERY time she saw one (smorgasburg, chelsea market, high line), because in that heat- that is exactly what i did.  in fact, when i mentioned all these popsicles to my friend natalie over lunch, she misheard me and said, "you've been eating a lot of pasta bowls?"  we had a laugh at the time, but that proved to be a self-fulfilling prophecy because, holy carbo-loading!  noodles in chinatown, pizza on both sides of the river, sparkly indian fare, and plenty of bagels on park benches kept mark and me sustained for 10+ mile days.

a few things i'd had on my list: a walk across the brooklyn bridge, the sunset sail along the hudson that my friend brie and i always love to take, cheese browsing at zabars, and a visit to the MoMa rain room.  i checked all but one off that list, and then some.  (not for nothing, we attempted the rain room line twice.  even with newly acquired MoMA memberships in hand, the wait was six hours.  nope!)  we also did a bunch of stuff on mark's list, most notably his second visit to sleep no more (my first; we can discuss in person).  but mostly, the usual.  setting out in the morning with one destination in mind, and walking and subwaying in ridiculous zig zags across the island until we found ourselves having incredibly fun and tiring days.

oh!  and our first time giving airbnb a whirl worked out nicely!  we had a fabulous rooftop overlooking our brooklyn neighborhood, with views of one world trade center and the empire state building in the distance.  it was the perfect place to congregate friends every night for what became known as 'wine club', and it was an especially majestic spot to check out the super moon that showed itself while we were there.  i'd be lying if i said i didn't want to drink on the roof with my friends every night for the rest of the summer.

great trip.  (and yeah, i've got more photos.)
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