Sunday, July 28, 2013

a sunday

today i really felt 32.

i woke up with the sun, grabbed some headphones, and went for a walk through our neighborhood.  i stopped mid-stride to send this out into the facebook status cosmic void: i dare you NOT to feel like a badass when björk's 'army of me' is blasting on your ipod. (even if you are on a 7am walk.) (through a retirement community.) (in birkenstocks.)   

my brother and i then exchanged texts about travel documentaries and outdoor apparel.

later, mark and i met my youngest cousin for breakfast.  he's in his first semester of college nearby and i found myself offering sage advice like, "buddy up to your RA.  trust me, i was an RA for two years," and replying with the blush-eliciting, "a LADY friend?" when he mentioned taking a friend to dinner.  (for this, the chuck taylors from my own college years.)

back at home, we lit incense (seriously) and pulled out dusty jazz records which prompted mark to lament how big and bulky his record player is and how much he 'needs' a new one.  apparently they're more streamlined these days?  an old beach house album found its way into the rotation and i felt my chest crush in on itself as certain chords reminded me of ancient loves and problems and cats.   mark decided to go out for a new york times and worked on the sunday crossword while i had my way with all sorts of clothing: laundry, vintage shop

some bob dylan.  some more coffee.  a home tidied for the work week ahead.  dan savage's new book, kindle edition.  maybe we should make a batch of that good chili?  a little extra so we can freeze some.  32.


  1. You know, when you were a teenager and a 30 something person (which was old, as in retirement home old) told you, that she would never ever want to be a teenager again, you thought to yourself, "what an earth is she talking about, these are the best years of my life, parteeeh". And now, I am that 30 something person. And I am totally and utterly happy about it.

  2. your photos and your words are beyond lovely. so happy to have found your blog!

  3. Your life at 32 doesn't sound all that bad..

  4. 32 sounds pretty good to me, in fact it sounds perfect, almost as perfect as dusty jazz records - swoon

    x Eloise - Jazzlipsandtulips


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