Sunday, July 21, 2013

christmas in july

i am so ready for christmas.

what is that about?  it's six billion degrees outside and i'm camped out on the couch pinning sweaters and soup recipes left and right.  i bought a (very deeply discounted) patagonia jacket online a few days ago because i'm sure someday i'll have cause to wear it, right?  i've gone through this before (case in point), but this summer my fall/winter holiday hankerings seem a bit more severe than usual.  

weeks ago i declared that a christmas-in-july birthday party was the obvious answer for celebrating three of our july birthdays at once, and mark's mom and sister pulled out all the stops to make it happen last weekend.  there were mashed potatoes, christmas carols of the jimmy buffett variety, and wrapped gifts under a twinkle light-draped palm tree.  'twas good.

and yet, i want cold.  i want to see my breath and wear beanies and weirdly, climb up some mountains while doing both?  we don't get fall or winter down here; i'm resigned to the fact that i have to travel to get to it.  so in pondering options for our next trip, i've decided to skip a tropical august vacation in favor of something chillier in october or november.  somewhere with good views from the sky because, i've got a hot air balloon ride ticket burning a hole in my pocket.  did i ever tell you that?  mark gave me that ticket two christmases ago in fact.

until then, i promise not to wish summer away too hard (my friends to the north and siblings to the west would never forgive me), but i'll keep scarf shopping while no one else is.  i'm such a weirdo.


  1. We must be drinking the same water because I always hanker christmas hard core this time of year...and I'm a teacher! I shouldn't wish away my summer!!! But I just love fall and winter so much and the holidays. You are not alone in this!!!

  2. i have been looking forward to autumn since it left us in november. i totally get the longing for a season! and this photo is pretty wonderful. :)

  3. I have just walked half an hour back from the city to our house, pushing a sleeping 18 month old And am now about to collapsefrom heat exhaustion. I'm not complaining, the hot weather is awesome (unheard of in the Uk!) but what I wouldn't give for a cold breeze, some snow and the need for a jumper right now! Xx

  4. I'm from Manchester, UK and we're having the hottest summer in many years. Everyone else is L O V I N G it and I cannot wait for winter to return! You're not weird just in a very special minority of sane people!


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