Sunday, July 7, 2013


i've had a wonderful long weekend celebrating mark.  his birthday was yesterday- july 6th- and i think he's got one of the best birthdays possible.  two days after independence day, which means he gets extra days to party, friends are always in the mood to keep the bbq's going, and there are never a shortage of dangerous fireworks to play with.  (what is it with males and fireworks?)  my job generously closed the office friday, so i've had four fantastic days to walk our beach, eat tacos, go to the movies, and light an assortment of flammable items with my guy.  (those numeral sparkler candles are adorable, but terrifying and impossible to make a wish and blow on.  i sang two rounds of happy birthday.)  because my birthday falls just 10 days after mark's, we've got another fun adventure planned for next weekend.  keep this party going, i say!

happy 31st birthday, mark!  xoxo X 31!

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