Wednesday, July 24, 2013

more dresses, less diet coke

lately i'm diggin':

my summer morning commutes. (^^that was yesterday's.)

this dress.  i tried it on and bought it in gray at uniqlo in new york, and have purchased the other two colors online since.  i live in dresses like this during the hottest months because it's nothing more than "a tube of fabric," as mark says.  no buttons, zippers, waistbands, and hey- no bra necessary (if you're me).

wardrobe re-evaluation.  i do this ALL THE TIME but lately i've gotten infinitely better at owning things i actually wear (same dress, 3 colors) vs. collecting.  that said, all those shoes i haven't worn in years are now on ebay.

orange is the new black.  we're down to the last two netflix episodes and i'm saving them because i don't want it to end.  this show is fantastic.  keep in mind i seem to gravitate exclusively toward television series of the NC-17 variety? (same girl who went to disney last weekend.)  so good.  watch it.

water.  what?  yeah, water... in hugely increased amounts compared to four months ago.  i'm embarrassed to admit that i was a member of the diet coke freak club for the last decade, despite knowing it's poison and formaldehyde or whatever.  i'm not perfect (i still like the way diet coke tastes with a bagel + cream cheese), but i'm down to 1 or 2 a week as opposed to 2 or 3 a day!!  water for the win.

pen pals. my sister and i have been sending each other a ton of mail lately, and it's the best. your girl loves the usps- saturday delivery cessation or not.

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