Monday, July 8, 2013


a week and a half in new york city-- what to say?  a couple days ago my dear friend jodi texted to ask what she and her husband should do while they were there (which dammit all, was two days after we left) and i said: go have dinner inside eataly, see the james turrell exhibition at the guggenheim, and check out smorgasburg on saturday at the williamsburg waterfront.  so i'm thinking those were highlights for me.  i then sent an addendum text to instruct her to have a people's pop EVERY time she saw one (smorgasburg, chelsea market, high line), because in that heat- that is exactly what i did.  in fact, when i mentioned all these popsicles to my friend natalie over lunch, she misheard me and said, "you've been eating a lot of pasta bowls?"  we had a laugh at the time, but that proved to be a self-fulfilling prophecy because, holy carbo-loading!  noodles in chinatown, pizza on both sides of the river, sparkly indian fare, and plenty of bagels on park benches kept mark and me sustained for 10+ mile days.

a few things i'd had on my list: a walk across the brooklyn bridge, the sunset sail along the hudson that my friend brie and i always love to take, cheese browsing at zabars, and a visit to the MoMa rain room.  i checked all but one off that list, and then some.  (not for nothing, we attempted the rain room line twice.  even with newly acquired MoMA memberships in hand, the wait was six hours.  nope!)  we also did a bunch of stuff on mark's list, most notably his second visit to sleep no more (my first; we can discuss in person).  but mostly, the usual.  setting out in the morning with one destination in mind, and walking and subwaying in ridiculous zig zags across the island until we found ourselves having incredibly fun and tiring days.

oh!  and our first time giving airbnb a whirl worked out nicely!  we had a fabulous rooftop overlooking our brooklyn neighborhood, with views of one world trade center and the empire state building in the distance.  it was the perfect place to congregate friends every night for what became known as 'wine club', and it was an especially majestic spot to check out the super moon that showed itself while we were there.  i'd be lying if i said i didn't want to drink on the roof with my friends every night for the rest of the summer.

great trip.  (and yeah, i've got more photos.)

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