Tuesday, August 27, 2013

shop update

i've added so much of the vintage i've been collecting for months to my shop in the past weeks, and there is more to come!  like, a lot more.  above are some of my favorite pieces; see it all here.  :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

never tired

this.  it starts earlier every year.

fantastic illustration by kate leth.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

felicity sweaters

august is more than halfway over and may i just say, good riddance.  august is to south florida as january is to any region that endures an actual winter.  no sane person spends any amount of time outdoors, and my god do we binge watch television.  our tv is working overtime this month.  mark and i have been alternating between felicity and homeland; i'll let you guess who chose which.  and right on time, my annual summer cold arrived thursday morning and manifested into a terror during my workday, forcing me to leave early, miss friday entirely, have zero fun on saturday, and make a half-assed attempt to leave the house for a latte today.  and you know, while out getting that sunday latte i thought, this is the perfect time to be stuck inside because this temperature: OOF.  the september issues are appearing on drug store shelves so cold medicine runs have a sense of purpose, and i'm finally getting my $8 worth of netflix streaming.  it's the ideal time for a once-yearly cold, really.

except that mark caught my cold two days after returning from his trip.  i rolled over one morning and said, "this is the only downside of living with someone," to which he winked and replied, "only?"

moving onto business matters, all this felicity has validated the chunky 90s sweaters i've been collecting all summer, and today seemed like the perfect time to list them in my vintage shop.  i promise i didn't breathe on them.  (related: THISis my new best friend.)

Friday, August 16, 2013

ponce inlet

unedited/unfiltered photos of last weekend's beach vacation as captured by my janky ol' iphone 4.  it is just that pretty there.  i had a fabulous time with my family, and nothing beats watching my mom and dad boogie boarding out in the waves.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

and we're off

mark and i are each off on our own little mini vacations in the coming days, mostly thanks to the vacation plans of our respective parents.  i'm driving a few hours north to meet my mom and dad at a relative's beach condo, and mark's traveling abroad (to colombia!) with his father.  we haven't spent a night apart since his cuba trip last october, but i happen to think a little distance does the heart good.  besides, we'll keep tabs on each other's fun times via instagram!  :)  (you can follow me @stylebook and mark @mkligman, too.)

and speaking of fun times, i think we're pretty solidly sold on traveling to north carolina and tennessee sometime in late september or early october to satisfy my mountainous daydreams.  asheville and nashville!  any must-dos you recommend?  i'd love to hear your favorite shops and eats so we can get crackalakin' on our planning.

Monday, August 5, 2013

tax free weekend

the last three days were florida's tax free weekend, so naturally SHOPPING was the only plan i made for that time.  my wardrobe?  pretty complete.  my boyfriend is much more particular about where he buys clothes, so i figured saturday would be a good day to drive down to miami.  for the good stuff.

we've got a formula for going to miami to __________.  (whatever the main reason we're there is.)  our first stop is normally the wynwood neighborhood for coffee at panther and a cruise through the walls.  this time we went out to panther coffee's new south beach location instead, which just opened and is a bit fancier; the michael was sitting on the leather couch next to us (foreshadow alert).  next we head to lincoln road to ignore the gnarly tourist trap restaurants and focus on the retailers.  there are a handful of great mens shops, i like to pay a visit to the madewell clearance rack, and books & books and taschen are both muststhere are other favorite boutiques dotted along south beach that we'll trek to if the mood strikes.  somewhere in all this outdoor walking around we'll get hot and pop into frieze for a lemon sorbet to share.  and typically about two hours into shopping the where-should-we-eat? cloud moves in.  because here's what: that's why we really drive 45 minutes south to miami.  we never go without trying a new restaurant or at least returning to one we fell in love with last time.  saturday we opted to make wynwood our last stop, and went to harry's pizzeria for a couple michael's genuine home brews (yep, that michael), and what's become my favorite local pizza.  aaaaaand so it goes that because we're right there in the art district, we'll visit a gallery or two or three.

so to recap:  we went to miami "to go shopping", mark bought one pair of shorts, i bought nothing, we had coffee, then sorbet, some beer, some pizza, and looked at a bunch of art.  and probably paid a bunch of tax?  perfect day.
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